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CQ quilt pics posted in the Inspiration forum


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Hi ladies,

Thanks for the nice comments on the quilt that Sue in Australia posted a picture of for me.

Darlene, the circular feather wreath and triangular wreath come from Kerryn Emmerson's 'Perfect feather package'. Kerryn sells the DXF file and we need to convert it for compuquilter.

I digitized the simple motif in the pink square and all of the ditch stitching is done by freehand. All of the work in the outer border around the birds and vines is freehand.

One thing I really love about CQ, is that only takes a matter of seconds to change between freehand and CQ.

If I can work out how to post pictures I will post a couple of my own digitized designs.

Cherie Walters in Australia

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Hi all,

This is a pic of one of my first designed and digitized repeat patterns.

If you look closely you will see camels walking in opposite directions in each row. It was on a quilt done for one of our army officers who was preparing to leave for service in the middle east, and he wanted a snuggle rug.

What do you think

Cherie in Australia


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