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Chairs for doing micro-work

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I can\'t take credit for this, but I use blue painter\'s tape to stick a fluted coffee filter on the left side of the head above the bobbin winder. That\'s where the trimmings go.

And my curve-pointed small scissors live on the front laser spindle.

I am so conditioned to find those things there---that when I visited Maxine in Oregon I was groping around for the scissors and dropping thread into the air! Old dog, new tricks ya know!

Maxine uses the same type of coffee filter and just pushed it down over ths spindle. It holds a lot of clippings.

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Okaaayyyy, Wannabe taking notes, see if I have this right:

1) clip thread

2) throw thread on the floor

3) Look down at the thread on the floor

4) kick myself

5) put on apron

6) clip thread

7) throw it on the floor

8) remember the apron

9) kick myself

Guys, I think putting the apron on is just an unnecessary extra step... Bonnie, I\'d just skip that part!

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The chair lets you rock gently so that you have a natural movement with your hips. It did take me a little time to get used to it. The seat is smaller than the saddle.

I also tried the saddle seat when I took some classes with Sherry Rodgers.

Both have their pluses. Since I have a sensitive lower back, and the chair I chose has the small back support, I chose it. And I do love it.


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I just bought a saddle stool from Sally Beauty Supply designed for hairdressers for $120. It has an adjustable height and wheels. I have a cement floor, but the stool stays put when I;) need it to, and if I need to move it, I just use my foot. It also has a foot rest. It is one of the best accessories I have purchased.

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