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Piecing on the Millie?

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You can do some pieceing on your longarm. I used to teach a class years ago called Alternative Longarm Applications and some of the things I covered were methods to construct quilts on the longarm.... :)

Go for it!! I bet your idea is very do-able!!!!:):D Oh... and post pics when you are finished!!!:D

Tina Collins

Jackson, MO


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Yes, I'd be curious to know if it's a stitch-n-flip method also.

I suppose if some are comfortable with using the long arm for sewing on the binding, then piecing can't be far behind.


2006 Freedom


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Sorry, didn't take pics in progress, but here is a short version of what I did:

It was a monster t-shirt quilt, in a rush for graduation, of course. First, I prepared the shirts a usual, with stabalizer on the back, cut to size, as well as strips for sashing (had them longer than my estimated length and width of the quilt). Then I got some of that fusible grid at Joann's (the kind used for watercolor quilts), three lengths worth. Then I laid out the t-shirts and sashing, and fused them down to the grid. Folded and pinned on the lines that needed sewing. Took it to the mille, fed it between the 2 front rollers, clamped at each end. Had my base on and stitched away with channel lock on too...slowly and giving lots of support to the quilt top. Tried to keep stitching as straight as possible. Repeated until I finished all of the "long" parts, then continued the same with the "short" parts. Then sewed the 3 giant panels together. added borders on the mille too. Quilted it with CQ with a design I digitized (thanks to Suzanne Moreno) of the kid's high school mascot and 2008. I put the binding on with the millie too, but didn't like the way it came out on the flip side, so I re-did it on the DSM.

I think it worked great, although like anything else "new" to me on the machine, it took a little while to get the hang of it.

I guess that wasn't exactly short! I was so annoyed with the rush of this quilt, and it took me days to recover. I'll post pics of the final product if I can.


Got You Covered Quilts

Millenium and CQ

Greensboro, NC

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I am taking a class at Innovations--Construction and Production. Taught by Debbie Wendt. Completely pieced on the frame and bound as well. I already do binding occasionally--usually charity quilts, but the rest sounded intriguing.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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