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I am so excited. Just received confirmation of shipping for my Circle Lord, coming on the 30th.

So, my question, are there any hints/suggestions as to setting up or using it that you found particularly helpful. I am not very handy and am a little nervous about setting it up. I have a Millie.Thanks.

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Oooo! Congratulations! I have one and I absolutely love it. It is very easy to set up. If you have any problems, email or call Michael and he'll get you going. You will soon be making the coolest designs. I'm trying to save up for some of the Giant templates. I have most of the round ones -- they are so very versatile!


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Thanks Linda. I, too, will have to save up for the larger ones, but I ordered the Aztec, Spiral, Crosshatching and Stella. Also ordered the manuals for the Aztec and Stella. The Spiral was ordered at Michael's recommendation as I do charity work and he said it would be quick and it is well liked.

For those of you that are thinking of ordering it, what I did was post a plea for someone that already had the CL so I could see it in operation. Got a great response from a wonderful lady, met with her and she demo'd what she had.

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