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My friend has redone an old top for her Mother-in-law. She took the quilt apart and used the 8 inch embroidered blocks in a new top. The blocks are set apart with a tiny print gold plain block. The off-white embroidered blocks are done in a large cross stitch with embroiderey thread in blues, greens, golds and reds, in flower patterns. Each block is different. The cross stitches are large and the designs are airy. The border is gold/red/gold. She did a nice job on the top. I\'ve volunteered to quilt it for her, but we are both not sure what to do for the quilting. I don\'t have a picture of the top, but am hopeful someone will share their experience with embroidered tops. We don\'t want quilting to go over the cross stitches, but can do something in the gold blocks. IDeas (especially visual ones) are welcomed. The blocks are 8 inches and the border is 10 inches.

She likes simple designs.


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Here are some links on this site with quilting done with cross stitching. These might give you some ideas:

You could also go on to Webshots and type the words "cross stitch quilt" in the search box to see what comes up.

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