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cutting the bobbin thread in mid-quilt?

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Hi all... I have been doing the PPP thing and now have three new cat cuddles/SPCA items. Doing free motion hearts and geometrics, etc. And one "art quilt". All required me to stop the line of quilting somewhere OTHER than one side or the other.

Which brings me to the question: what do you all do to clip the bobbin thread without the factory-installed bobbin thread cutter which comes on other machines?

Since these are small quilts (15 x 25 inches finished), I can reach under and follow the bobbin thread with a pair of scissors until I get to the right spot then just turn the scissors, which are VERY sharp, and do a razor cut.

I\'ll be interested to hear your techniques.

The Running Stitcher ~ Donna

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Just as you bring your bobbin thread up when you start quilting, bring the bobbin thread up and clip the thread.

Move the machine away about 6 inches or so so you can grab the top thread. Move the machine back and take a single stitch in the last hole. Move the machine away and tug on the top thread to pull up the bobbin thread. You can now knot and bury, or clip (if you\'ve taken a few security stitches before doing this).


Julia Graves

Special Occasion Quilts, LLC

Leesburg Virginia


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Donna...I am going to assume that you don\'t have either the one stitch or the thread cutter on your machine....

But you can still do what Julia just need to pull on the top thread and it will bring it up to the top of your quilt...I tie a knot in it and then bury the threads. If you don\'t have the one stitch its hard to do the little stitches that the other do to tie knots...

Bonnie Botts

APQS Sales Rep - Certified Service Technician

APQS Millennium 2006---MJ

APQS Millennium 2004---Lucy

405-533-1025 home

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"Absolute rules are about as useless in making quilts as they are in raising children" Carter Houck---1992

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Yes, you do have the single stitch button, so pulling the bobbin thread to the top is easy. Karen McTavish demonstrates this technique in one of her videos. Probably Mastering the Art of McTavishing.

The idea is to move the machine away from where you finished quilting - this pulls a length of bobbin thread out of the bobbin. It\'s just a matter of pressing your single stitch button once, tugging on the top thread, and magic, the bobbin thread is pulled up.

Happy quilting,


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