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Idea for removing threads

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I went to the Springfield show put a deposit on the millennium, now I'm sitting around thinking about it. I seen how you can remove threads when you see one between the quilt top and batting now I'm wondering how will I remove them on my machine? If this is not an easy one to answer here I'll just wait till the machine arrives and go from there. :)

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Hi Teri

Congratulations on your new machine you will love it when in arrives.

About the loose threads, I can only really remember once having to remove stray threads.

I don't store my batting under the table because I think thread from a previous quilt could easily fall onto the roll and get caught up in the next quilt. I also check the top to make sure there are no loose dark threads on it before quilting.

If I did have a stray thread to remove once the top and batting were on the machine I would unroll the backing and batting until I could reach the stray and then roll back up. It really is such a rare thing I don't worry about it.

If you don't load your top to the No 2 roller then you would just feed the loose top under the No 2 roller and and you have access to the whole width of the unquilted area, pick off the thread and then feed the top back under the roller and smooth out.

Hope this is clear - if this is your first machine it might sound very confusing but will become clearer (I hope) as you learn to use the machine.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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