Re: Room and long arm machine space?

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Wow! What great advice everyone has. I am also getting ready to build a shop in my backyard. 24' X32'. It will have a garage door, as I want it as a shop for resale later. But I am having windows all the way down the south side, so I can also use it as a green house in the winter, plus lots of light. My garden is on the west side and I want a slider so I can go directly into the garden , plus get lots of air flow in the summer. North Idaho can get warm occasionally. My son in law is afraid I am girlying (is that a word) it up. I haven't even got the machine yet, but I am so excited! I work lots of long hours, so this is my treating myself!

Vicki R

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I have alos found all the comments very helpful. My room is currently aprox 15ftx12 ft. Yes its cramped...LOL...but i have made planty of room around the machine.:P:cool:

I am trying to find a structure suitable and your comments on size are very helpful.

When i first talked of buying a machine, i dear Darling said."HOw much room do you need, this room would be big enough". So i bought the machine and we are set up in our little room. The good part is now he is helping me to find a large space....as his latest comment was "I can only see that this is going to grow". What a differnece a Millie makes!!!:cool:;)

Thank again for all you comments...they are very helpful.


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My little room is 11.5 x 12 and I ordered a 10' custom. Did a floor plan prior to make sure everything would fit and it does: Millie, sewing machine and ironing board with room to walk around my Millie. It is along the 12' wall and I took the closet doors off which allows a bit of extra room. I am more than happy with the amount of room and know that if I ever have huge quilts they will have to go out. Also, I will have to keep everything picked up since space is limited, but I like a neat room anyway. So ..... if there is a will, there is a way. First things first.............my Millie:D


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