Introducing the All-New APQS Website!

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Did you notice that something is different about the web site today? We're so excited that at midnight our new web site went live to the public. There are going to be tweaks and changes as we roll out the new look, but we are excited about the new features and easy navigation.

Are you wanting to get those daily e-blasts, then sign-up! Do you have suggestions of things you want Dawn and I to cover in our column's? Then tell us!

Keep me posted on what you like or don't like about the new site. Have fun checking it out!

Heidi Kaisand

National Sales Manager

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Heidi - love the new home page. And it really is easy to find things, except I was looking for the "chat" button to click and we've updated our image and we are now talking in the "Forum":D. I love the new color scheme, gentle on the eyes and more up to date. All of you at the APQS home office are awesome. Keeping us informed of the new and upcoming things & I love the changes you've made. But I'm the one who loves change (just not too many too quick). :cool:

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When I got up this morning I was expecting my usual site to pop up, and was disoriented. Not being someone who enjoys change, and being grumpy to boot, I was initially frustrated. However, I've changed my mind. Spent some time over lunch peruising and now I like it! I especially liked the pictures and links to the blogs for Heidi and Dawn, great ideas ladies!

I'll try to be more tolerant of change, especially when it turns out as well as this.



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I love the new format.

One suggestion: The Forum Pages lost the link back to the home page. Once you are in the forum, there's no button to go back unless your browser provides the tabs. I thought there used to be a link button at the beginning of the top line hwere it shows the forum page you are on that would get you back to the home page.

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On the home page at the very top of the page is the word NEWSLETTER. Click on that. It should ask you for your e-mail address. If you are already registered, it will give you an option to update your profile. Follow that path and it should show you what you are signed up for and what you can sign up for.

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I haven't tried to go anywhere yet except here. When I tried to click on the second page of one topic it brought me back to the top of page one. Is there something that I am doing wrong. When I added a post to the topic it flipped me to page two. Is that a glitch that needs to be worked out or is there another way to get to page two and beyond?


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