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Compuquilter Upgrades


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Hi everyone

Well it was only last month that Stan sent us the Compu Upgrade with Boundaries and a new manual.

today I opened my emails to find there is an update to the manual and also to the programme. I thought it was a very mind change to the programe but found there is at least one new function - not as awesome as Boundaries but useful nonetheless. Its on the Execute Page and its a row index button. the computer calculates how far the machine needs to move down for the next row on a repeat pattern and instead of jogging down manually or inserting the figure into the X, Y Move box we can now just press the button and the machine moves the correct amount for us!


I wonder what Stan will have in store for us next month? Just joking - no pressure - he can skip November and give us a Christmas present!

Sue in Australia

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Hi Sue

Sorry, I made a mistake here I didn't realise he'd rushed me a copy to fix a small problem I was having. He finished the Row Index upgrade the night before they left for a trip and so Dee Dee didn't have time to write up the wording for the manual. As soon as she gets back she will add to the manual and then it will be available.

Sorry to get you excited in advance.

Hope you are having as much fun with your Compuquilter as I am. Any pics of quilts you have done? I am trying to remember to photograph what I have done but am not good at posting to this forum. I have set up a page on my website and will have to start adding pics soon.

Sue in Australia


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I am finally a member of the elite CQ group! Tina Collins installed my customer's CQ last week and then flew here to install mine. She really knows her stuff! and has lots of experience running the system. She is a GREAT addition to the APQS team. :)

SO, can we get some dialogue going here so I can figure out what I'm doing??!!

Actually, the system is pretty easy. At least it was when Tina was here! I haven't flown "solo" yet, so my sentiments may change drastically when I do. LOL

QUESTION: I want to do some digitizing, actually LOTS of digitizing in AutoSketch. What is the best mouse to use for this? I've looked at TracBalls and think that may be the way to go. There is also a Laser Mouse, but the "sales guy" said for drawing, the TracBall may be more accurate for fine points. All I know is that I SUCK!! using the regular mouse. That just isn't going to happen, so I'm trying to zero in on the best option without buying 6 different products before finding the right one.

Do any of you use a drawing "tablet"? Is this easier than a TracBall mouse??

Any help gratefully accepted!


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Darlene, I have a lots of trouble drawing with the mouse. I am starting to use a tablet and pen. You can purchase these at most computer stores. They come in several sizes, but I found I like the larger ones better. I just like to draw things bigger. I can see the detail better. You know, eyes getting older :cool:

I haven't yet done much digitizing, but the CompuQuilter system is very easy to use. After my training was over, I went through the entire book by myself doing all the exercises. This really helped me learn the system. I jotted down lots of notes and problem areas I was having and then went back and worked them out myself. It was fun and a great learning experience.

Have fun (I know you will):D

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Hi Darlene, Sue, everyone

Well Darlene you know how we were looking at the fancy laptops with drawing tablets on them - well I decided against that as if my laptop died so would my tablet so I bought a 6x8 tablet with pen. I didn't I find it any easier than using the mouse that came with Compuquilter.

After a couple of weeks of owning my compuquilter and getting impatient with not getting as good at the Autosketch side as I hoped to be, I bought a laser mouse - top of the range of course!

Well now I don't think I needed to spend that much or maybe even buy a different mouse from the one provided. I should have just taken a little more time to practice.

I am scanning in my own drawings and tracing over them with the mouse and then when I'm ready to fine tune what I have traced I blow the picture up to 500% and then I can see that thin black line that I have made using my mouse and I then "Edit Vertices" until I have the shape I want. Remember that to get good points you do an extra click at the point - I do one going into the point (very close) one for the point, and another next to the point going away from the point.

Stan and Dee Dee have upgraded the manual with more info on the Autosketch side of things and DXF to Compuquilter so when they release the upgraded info all will become a lot clearer.

Have fun and relax Darlene, Compuquilter will have you waking up in the middle of the night thinking of all the great things you can quilt just like when you got your first APQS machine - OOPS silly me, you aren't in bed in the middle of the night usually, are you?!!

Sue in Australia

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Hi All,

I think it is time I chipped in and introduced myself as a compuquilter owner/driver.

I am in Thirroul Australia (just south of Sydney). I have had my millennium since November 2003. Sue Morris installed my compuquilter upgrade just 5 weeks ago. And gosh - don't I love it.

It arrived in my home tuesday, Sue installed it Wednesday/Thurdsday, trained me Friday - and Monday I was woeking on client quilts. In the 5 weeks that it has been in, I have completed 28 client quilts (and I had a week away from quilting during that). This has included both custom quilts and all-over quilting.

I just love the way it only takes my 40 seconds to convert from computer mode to freehand mode! which means it is easy to have a mixture of both on quilts - I generally do my ditch stitching freehand as I find it quicker.

I have been digitizing from the beginning, and have had success with motifs, borders and allover patterns - corners I have struggled a bit more with. But hopefully Dee Dee's new instructions will make it a bit easier (the new manual is available through their public website, latest version is an October version).

I have been digitizing with the mouse that came with my system. Like Sue Morris I have drawn my designs by hand, scanned them and then drawn over them. However, yesterday I did have a shot at free hand drawing with the mouse. I think it takes practice. I am still exploring the tablet option and deciding if I will find it any better. I spoke with a guy who designs embriodery patterns with it, and he reckons they are wonderful!, but I'm not parting with my money till I am sure.

I have been pushing Autosketch, and using some of its facilities that are not mentioned in the compuquilter manual, the layer capability for instance is one that I fond most useful. I lock the scanned design into a seperate layer, change its colour and then draw over it in yet another layer. Much easier to see.

Any way - that's me - and I am off to start another days work.


Cherie in Australia.

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Hi Cherie

Its great to see you here and we hope our other Compu owner Lesley will be talking when her computer gets fixed.

I like your idea of using layers to see the picture you imported better - I'll have to ring you and get you to give me some lessons.

I can't believe you have done so many quilts since getting your Compuquilter but I know you have by the great photos you have shared with me. Maybe you could post some to this list too for inspiration.

I have ordered some new patterns from Kim Darwin this week and can't wait to try them out.

Best wishes

sue in Australia


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