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Machine d'occasion "MILLENIUM" A VENDRE


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Sorry Phil I do not speak French. It looks like you have a pretty new machine, so should I say Wow, congratulations on a new toy, or are you just showing us your set up, or are you wanting to sell??? I'm so frustrated with myself that I can't intelligently speak with you.

I think you are saying you are looking for someone interested in buying one complete Millenium... that it's time to go to a new home??? Good Luck.


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thank you for your message

yes we are looking at seeling this almost not used machine

unfortunately this would not be adequate for you because it is a European standard 220 volts ,50 Hz machine

unless you decide to move to a new home over here !

but north Carolina is such a beautiful state

where are you located exactly , nearby the sea ?

have a good day


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Thanks Phil. I'm not looking to buy a different machine, Just trying to find out if that is what you were saying.

We are almost dead center of the state, in Sanford. Wish I were by the coast.

Good luck in selling the Millennium. Contact APQS and list it with them, also.

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