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Well, today was the opening day of our local fair, so first thing (of course!!) I went to see the quilt show. When I walked in the room, I was surprised to find that my customer, Paula, her Victorian quilt won Grand Champion!! OMG! I couldn't believe it. I even got to call and tell her she won. How exciting is thaaaaat??? :D

Sorry, I didn't get a shot of it hanging with the ribbon... (I'm such a dork and so forgetful) Here's a photo of quilt when it was at home just finished off the frame.


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My quilt "Simply Christmas" quilt won a blue ribbon AND the Judge's Choice award, which is a really cool looking blue and white ribbon! :) (again, no photo of that either DOH!) This photo is one I took pinned to the wall at home. It's fuzzy and doesn't show the quilting very well.

I was so surprised and really did not expect anything like this. Wow!

If you're interested in checking out more info, here's the link to the Tanana Valley State Fair web site.


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Congratulations Shana. I loved the Victorian quilt especially - put it in favourites for future inspiration.

So pleased that your Christmas quilt won both a Blue Ribbon and Judges' Choice. Very well done! You've come a long way baby ...

Can almost feel the excited vibes all the way down here!


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