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In Your Dreams you can quilt in Switserland

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what great pictures ! !!!!!

Would love to be there ... wait - I am already here ;)

I can't believe what I see.

It was a great time having you here - only it was too short.

I love the pictures of the finished quilt. Can't believe that it was done at my place...

Hard work all that eating and drinking, I can tell you.

The easier part was getting instructions from Loes and playing with Pre-Design and then having the IntelliQuilter and Millie stitched out the samples from Loes' CD "In your Dreams". It was so inspiring and it still is . I learnt a so much.

Now I see designes everywhere - I only need to take pictures. But, taking pictures is a different story. :D You know, I have not taken a single picture while you were here

Hey, when ever possible take lessons from Loes for Pre-Design. The world is different after this lessons. Granted from just a happy camper.

Shana, I have an Intelliquilter - the smartest of all my computer gadgets.



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We were thinking of you when we made those photos!! Really!

When you have your Open House and your students write in this forum about your wonderful classes, they always, always include lots of photos of your lunches :)

So we thought: let's do the same, under the Swiss sun, in the beautiful mountains where Andrea lives Theo made photos of the delicious lunch and dinner (and of course he made also photos of the patterns of the In Your Dreams tutorial, when they were sewn on Andrea's Millie with IntelliQuilter).

It was really great to see the Millennium/IQ at work on the Rose, Butterfly and Pfeather patterns invented by you Claudia, and digitized by me: they stitch out beautifully.

Andrea, thanks again, we had a wonderful day at your home!


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