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Yikes! I was quilting this evening and it felt like the quilt back roller was broken so I took off the fabric and canvas leader and sure enough the two halves had come apart. The screw thing was barely sticking out of the one side. My DH is trying to see if he can fix it. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi Julie

I think Rita had a similar problem with her Lenni some time back. She was going to take the rollers to a welder to have them permanently fused together.

Haven't had that problem - but will keep an eye on mine.

Haven't done any quilting in over a month - wish the real world would go away and leave me to quilt!

Happy quilting.


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WOW, Julie.........sure glad I wasn't there this time :o Sure glad

DH could fix it, there is nothing worse then NOT being able to quilt. I would contact APQS on Mon. and tell them what happened just to see if this has happened before or maybe they will replace it. Sure doesn't hurt to check. Hope your day goes better today. Which quilt you working on anyway?


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Yes, it was me and Penny with the roller trouble.. Hubby ended up using two pipe wrenches to get them tightened down. Hitting one end with a hammer did't do it.. and this has held for several months, it seem.

One word about the rollers.. they can be turned end to end, so the very center of the quilt on one roller, is about an inch or inch and a half from the first one. About drove us CRAZY before we figured out one end of the two piece poles is shorter than the other.. If you use them be sure to put them in so they will all line up.. It saves a lot of frustration on putting the leaders on, too.

I thought of drilling a hole to put screws thru with the head level to the roller, no bumps, etc.. but that pipe is so danged thick.. decided not to. Finally measured all 4 rollers put a new center mark on and have been happy with that, since.

Good Luck !! Rita.

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