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This is my first attempt at a DWR. I used Quiltsmart, figuring I had plenty of time to get it done for the wedding. Had I actually kept with it, it would be done. But, the wedding is tomorrow:P

I have the top done (as you can see if the picture works) and plan to give her the picture with an IOU. I used batiks, to make it "younger," since she's in her mid 20s.

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Shana, you're way too nice...but I like it!!:P

I plan to use my husband's professional embroidery machine to stitch their names and wedding date in the middle and then do <gasp> feathers (keeping my fingers crossed all the while) in the other blocks. I figure that since I'm constantly stealing his thread, I might as well use his machine too!;)

(PS--3 Christmas blocks done today!)

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Dory, I can't wait to see it finished. I have always wanted to make DWR but have dreaded making it .........maybe now I will try the cheaters way:D with the quiltsmart first. I love your quilt top......I really can't wait to see it finished it sounds wonderful with their names and wedding date on it. Make sure to post the pictures.


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