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Wow Lynda! You really cleaned up, hit the grand slam and the trifecta!

I've rarely seen sampler quilts that I've loved, but you really made this one work fabulously. I think samplers are tough to get to look "put together" but you really pulled this off very well!

Marlene in Tahoe

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Lynda, I knew the minute that you posted pics of the one that got Grand Champion, that it would be a winner. I'm going to your webshots and check out the close ups, but first YAAAAA! CONGRATULATIONS:D:P:):cool:;):D

Yep, just checked them out and they are all beautiful. Again, congratulations. You deserve those ribbons. See you in Sept. You should bring them with you and show everyone live and in person!!!:cool:

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments. This entering competitions could get to be a habit. Just what I needed, another habit, but at least this one is a good one.

I agree, samplers are hard to get to look together. This one stemmed from a shop hop challenge in Central Oregon. The 8 participating shops each gave a block pattern and then challenged that the eight blocks be used in a quilt. The resulting quilts have to be taken to one of the participating shops for judging with the ultimate winner to receive $400 in gift certificates. This sampler is my entry this fall.

The feathered star is my favorite block. Obviously I use them a lot in my quilts. I have to give credit to Marsh McCloskey. I love her technique and patterns. I recommend her books.

Yes, Patty Jo, I will bring them with me in September. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you all.

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