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Rose Parade! (pics)

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Hi Caron,

One of the most satisfying things about being a designer as well as a quilter is seeing what others do with my patterns. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. When I designed it I only had my machine about a year so it was stitch in the ditch and different background fillers. I almost wanted to make it again to quilt differently I don't have to because I love the way you quilted it. Please tell your customer how pleased I was to see it and what a nice job she did. I am glad that Jessie sent me the link, you made my day.


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The pattern is in my book Scraps Organized to perfection along with 11 other patterns for scraps. My scraps are color coordinated so it may not look like a scrap quilt to you. It is a wall hanging in the book and I give you the instructions to make it queen size. I have seen the roses done in yellow with a black background (boy did they pop!) and 1 done with multicolored roses. My book is 22.95 plus $3 for shipping if anyone wants the pattern. My address is in the dealer section of the website. I must say that I didn't come up with the clever rose quilting pattern that Caron did.

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Originally posted by hayevymae

And Bonnie, you could add that to your "Bucket List"! (didn't you just love that movie?)

I haven't seen the movie :P:P:P....will someday when it comes out on cable....

I've had a "Bucket List" since I was about 5 years old ;)....it was something my Daddy always said.....and I've just kept mine very close..... You know how those Daddy's Girls are....

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Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, excellent.. I love color, red, roses and pretty things.. so all aspects are right up my alley. the stipple was so even in size, to not detract, couldn't see the rose on the rose..

Just know it's neigh on perfect.


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