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Rose Parade! (pics)

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Love this Log Cabin version. I have to have that book. I have to see if my local shop carries this book. I know the owner loves log cabins. Gotta have this pattern. The flow is gorgeous.

It is lovely and Caron your Quilting is stunning. You are a very talented quilter girl. I love it when you share your work.


Grammie Tammie

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Originally posted by jones3jm

That Rose Log Cabin quilt is from my mom's "Scraps Organized to Perfection" book (DeLoa Jones). I will tell her to check out your post...she will be so excited to see it. This is probably my favorite way I have ever seen it quilted! Nice job!!


And thank Jessica for letting us know where the pattern came from, that is the first thing I was going to ask :D

I love it :)

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I agree with everyone else - LOVE the quilt and the quilting!!! This is now on my "To Do" list too!!!;)

Never saw the "Bucket List" movie - but I probably should.....

Thanks for posting the photos Caron - you do such great work - Awesome leaves in the green too - such nice flow!!! And thanks for the pattern info. Jessica and Deloa - I myself love tangerine roses - that is what I had in my bridal bouget (sp?) and just can't pass them up when I see some! I love the black background idea too, it would look awesome!

oh Boy - as if I needed another project to get started on!;):D

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