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Sue E.

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I am going to try to post a picture taken by Susie Martin in Prescott, Arizona. She took a white board and has it sitting in the blank roller (that the quilt rolls under in the back and the roller that the top feeds off of) with inexpensive curtain rods underneath it.

She uses this setup as her mousepad and also to jot down notes and sizes that she needs to remember while using the CompuQuilter.

I have never posted a picture so I hope this comes through:cool:

Oh, by the way, I used to be signed in as "QuilterSue" but for some reason it won't let me sign in under that name anymore :mad: (even after Tad has tried to help me) so I decided to log in with a new name.


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Darlene, I'm not sure where Susie got her stand, but I purchased one at Fry's Electronics. I have also seen them at CompUSA in their online store. I believe I paid under $50 for my stand. The one problem I had was with the round frame on my Millie. My husband had to fix some bars around my frame to get the stand secure otherwise it wanted to rotate when you pulled out the monitor.

I love it and it is out of the way. The problem I still have is what to do with the keyboard as I move it along to the other end of the quilt. My keyboard has hit the floor several times:(, especially if I have a lot of quilt rolled onto my bars.

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