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I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy......

This does not look like what you and Debbi were laying on on the floor of your basement last Friday night. (see basement shot here: )

This is so beautiful, Mary Beth. I love how you did those diamonds. Lots of ruler work there, for sure. You had already done some of that feather work when I saw it last. It looks terrific now that it is done. I bet she gets a ribbon on this quilt.:)

I bet Debbi is going to love it too.

And thanks for posting a photo so I could see it at work.

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Here is the good part....

Last year another customer of mine entered this show and won 1st place (my first) and then the quilt went to Paducha (You know the story). So I did one more quilt for that customer and when she picked it up she told me that she has another local quilter doing the quilt she will enter in this show this year :o Okey Monday I took the entry form for this quilt to my former customer's house to get this quilt in....and she comes dragging out the quilt that she is entering!! Then she tells me that she has another quilt that will be in a Jo Morton book, and she mailed it to a quilter in Nebraska!!

Cross your fingers and your eyes and whatever else we need to cross. This quilt has to win!!:P:D Because I want my former customer to call me to do her next quilt so I can turn her down :P:D:cool:

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Wow MB. The CC in the stars looks great!! As a matter of fact, the entire quilt looks great!!

Linda - After you left on Sunday, MB and I looked at this again and drew out a CC plan for the stars. It's the same as what I was trying to sketch on the floor with MB. Basically, each star point is 4 smaller diamonds that are CC'd. It looks great and I like the star design the CC created in the middle of each star!!


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