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After three weeks on my frame, I’m so glad to finally finish this barn quilt, one of four quilts offered to me for practice (at half price) with no instructions. This was a great quilt for me to practice on because I don’t make picture quilts like this. Don't you love the three-dimensional trees?

I learned many things:

1) I learned why so many people don’t like to do SID, but I like it. Even if I knew how to do other things, I’m not sure what else would look good on this. I should have asked you all before I started!

2) I had to learn to trust the ruler, and which hand had to push down hard and which hand had to relax.

3) I got lots of practice tying and burying knots, and the order in which to tie two different colored threads together. I’m happy to learn this.

4) I got lots of practice frogging –more than necessary. I was not happy to have to learn this.

5) I learned that I had to hold both threads before starting to move. I had “observed” this in training but it had never really sunk in. This is the first time (five previous quilts) I noticed the problem on the back before, but this is the first time I used different color thread top and bottom. There are little bunches of thread at the beginnings of some stitching but not bad enough to frog because this is PRACTICE.

6) Never again (or at least not until I get lots more tension practice) will I use different colors top and bottom. One quilter suggested not trying that until after one whole year of experience! Don’t I wish I had had that advice before I started this!

I initially planned on doing a panto or maybe even just a meander with MonoPoly because of all the different colors. However, my inability to work out the tension difficulties sent me back to my well-behaved King Tut. The back is less than wonderful as I used four different colors on top and dark red on the bottom, and there were tension “abnormalities,” but the top looks pretty good and I’m satisfied with it for my first attempt.


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Holey cow, Ann Henry, I thought you were a newbie. :o

You did a great job on this quilt. :) :) :)

The 2-color thing is probably a sophomore skill but then so is SID and ruler work. So throw those rules away. For me, 2-colors is simply about the thickness of the batting. It needs to be thick enough to make a good stitch so you don't pull the thread too far up or down. It's a balancing act. Or as Bob Purcell (Mr. Superior Threads) says it, it's a "Tug-o-War"

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Thank you one and all for your kind words. Isn't this fun ! ? ! ?

Now I'm having trouble getting the quote to appear at the top of my message and separate from what I want to say. My words keep showing up in the box with the quote, and I don't know why that is happening. I have done it correctly in the past. So I have to put them ahead of the quote.

Linda Card: I am very much a LA newbie, but I have quilted many, many quilts on my DSM, so SID wasn't all that daunting to me. Freehand is what makes me cringe because I am NOT an artist. But that's all right because I am happy with the beauty (such as it is) that I have been able to create so far!

I take especial note of your comment about the batting because this was W&N and now I know why some don't like to use it. It certainly doesn't make the quilt "sing" and it may be the contributing factor to my tension problems, problems I didn't have with any of my FIVE previous quilts which all used other battings.

Originally posted by ramona-quilter

For me, 2-colors is simply about the thickness of the batting. It needs to be thick enough to make a good stitch so you don't pull the thread too far up or down.

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WOW you did a great job, and yes you got a ton or practice in....also have to say that you wouldn't have liked it as much if you had done a would have not given it the look you have...JOB WELL DONE.

To answer you question regarding your quote box being at the have type in front of the computer language that pops up...if you click so that the mouse pointer is at the end of the last quote and then one hit of the enter key, you shouldn't have that trouble.....

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Hey girl you did good!!! You can't say you are a newbie any more........that is great work. I love your quilting and the quilt is beautiful!!! I like to do the SID work espically if I have a lot because I seem to get in rythem and I seem to get better the longer I do it. I can eye-ball it better then I can do it using a ruler expect on the diagnal. Anyway, you did a great job on this quilt, I love it!!


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I certainly didn't expect so many. I only wanted to share with you all, as you are the ones who can truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your nice comments, and thanks to all those persons who so freely offer advice when asked. I have been helped so much by so many selfless contributors to this forum. That's why I am so good so fast!

(LOL) :D

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