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Peg you will have to use a light box. Believe it or not the pattern will show through. The other thing you could do is to make a copy of your pattern onto another paper, just so you don't ruin the master, and use a dsm with a large needle and no thread stitch the pattern. Then you can use powder to mark the quilt. Miracle chalk works very nicely.

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I love the Clover white marking pen for dark fabric marking. If you use a light box that would work great. It leaves a very thin but very visible white line that removes with heat. When I am ready to remove the marks I plug in my tiny applique iron--I think also a Clover product--a remove the marks on the frame. If you try the homemade stencil technique--my favorite way--use a foam brush to push the chalk through the holes. You use much less chalk and thus have less to remove. Keep a separate covered container of chalk and store the foam paintbrush inside as well. Good luck.

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OK I do all my design tracing on black fabric... here are some tips and trick that might help you out... first I trace the design or pattern in RED marker, it makes it very easy to see through the black fabric, I use a large light box with a good light under it ( I have an over head floresent light tube that fits under my light box) Then I only suggest the Clover White Pens... I have never had any problems with removing the marks ( I do not wash or soak my finished quilts, the white line removes wonderfully easy) It is extra great because the tube is clear so you can see how much ink you have left in the pen, so you know when it is time to get a new one. Note with the pen you can not see the line until the ink is dry.. so do not mark over the line again and again thinking the pen does not work... if you are like me and want to see the line the second you run it over the fabric then set up a fan to blow on low towards the fabric you are working on ( I tape the pattern to the light box and pin the fabric to the pattern) OK good luck and let us see some pics when the project is all done:cool:

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