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I love doing clamshells - with the ruler. I actually find it relaxing. This quilt was not square so I basted every 5 inches or so and used the steam then starch method to get rid of the 'cups' and waves. Worked great. I then worked my way up from the bottom. I recommended my customer put this one in a show(s). It's beautiful.


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I really like how the clamshells look on the fan quilt. I usually do something in the fans itself, them McT to creat a lot of movement like the fans are moving air. I love how elegant this looks with the chamshells. I think I'll do that on the next one!

Hester, I have a clamshell ruler called "Shells & Swirls Ruler" from the Gadget Girls. I did a queen size with it, but I didn't find it relaxing!:D I wish!! I have also used it of Does and Darts(?) on sashing and the Swirl part for borders. You can use it for a pass, then flip it in the opposite direction for a pass and make different designs. Kinda fun, just time consuming.

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