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small loops on back

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Hi Maxine,

Good to hear from you!:D

Mark's suggestion is great, along with this try using the silicone ?Sewer's Aid?. It is made by dritz, you can find it at Joann's for about $3. Lubricate your top thread up & down the cone. I find that it helps tame down thread problems when we get into the cooler months.

Also try tightening up that top tension just a tad & stitch out on some muslin scraps before you commit to sewing out on your quilt. Be sure you have at least a MR4 needle in too.

Also if you have carpeting in your room, try spraying "Static Guard" on your carpet. (Your feet pick up the static & you can transfer that to the metal on the machine.)

It will help cut down on the static in your room & really helps to keep the thread from wanting to cling to the machine near the fly wheel.

And we all know how much*fun* that is to get out! Buy the fly wheel cover too,

made by Hartley products on our web site, or any dealer etc.

Please let us know how it goes.;)

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Another suggestion which I don't know if it will help your problem or not--but I find invaluable when I use a variegated thread, is to put a piece of fluffy batting in the first thread guide above the cone of thread and run your thread through that. I also put a short length of pantyhose (or threadsock) on my cone of variegated. I get a lot of thread breakage when I use it and this helps a lot. I don't know if the Signature is as slippery and slick as Superior which is what I use, but the Superior being so slippery tends to fall off the cone unevenly, so this helps with my problem. Maybe it will help yours, it's worth a try.

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