Japanese Trapunto Quilt - Won a 2nd Place Ribbon - Quilted on a Lenni

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Just finished a quilt for a customer. I am so excited. She embroidered the Japanese Geisha on each of four panels, then we added trapunto and heavy quilting.

The quilt hasn't been washed or blocked yet so you can still see the water soluble thread around the trapunto areas and the blue-pen in the cross-hatched borders/sashing.

We took these pictures late at night so the quality isn't the best.

I attempted McTavishing around the trapunto areas - didn't turn out half bad. My daughter called it "Japanese spirits flying around" I was finally able to use some of what Karen McTavish taught us last March.

I can't wait to give it back to my customer. She'll have it washed, blocked and binded in 1/2 day...where it has taken me two weeks and two weekends sneaking in a few hours here and there to do the quilting.


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Joanne, you did a great job on that beautibul quilt. I really like the little pebbles uner the feet of the one geisha and the waves in the water.

I'm guessing that Kelly and Joanne quilt together. Is that right? I was a little confused when I read Rita's post..though maybe she posted on the wrong forum as I didn't get the connection right away:o. How neat to have a buddy...double the fun and double the trouble;)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the compliments!!

Kelley is my husband and yes, he quilts too! In fact, he is the one that usually runs the CQ so that's why Rita was asking if Kelley quilted the quilt! She knows us too well! A lot of people assume Kelley is a she but believe me, he is a HE!

This quilt was a fabric challenge by the LQS for the upcoming quilt show. The couple who created the top is really into embroidery. The quilt will be entered into our upcoming show and judged - so I am hoping the couple will get a ribbon!

Yep, this was my first attempt at McTavishing. I have been drawing on graph paper since March. I just took off in the sky background - Kelley freaked at first but got over it!

I can't wait to finish the wholecloth we started last March in Karen's class!

Thank you all again! I'll post a final pic when the binding is on...thank goodness I don't have to do that part!

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