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One border with excess fabric


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I have a large quilt on the frame and have discovered one of the borders has an excess, about 1 inch, of fabric. I have thought of adding some extra batting under the area, or try and make it into a dart and have the customer add an extra applique over it (there are bears here and there on the top). There is going to be a lot of fullness to ease in when quilting. Does anyone have any other ideas.

I appreciate any help. Barbara

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Hi Barbara

I'd phone the customer and tell them what the problem is. I'd offer these suggestions:

she picks up the quilt and removes the border and cuts it to size,

she allows you to do that (except I wouldn't)

she allows you to put a pleat in and you stitch over the pleat if thats what you are going to do in the border.

I try to put my pleats in line with horizontal piecing lines and take as many pleats as necessary rather than take one big pleat every now and again.

You can also offer suggestions on how to add borders ie, don't cut a length longer than the border and cut off the excess, instead measure three times through the quilt and average this measure ment out and put borders this length on opposite sides of the quilt.

I hope your customer chooses the first option but often after they have given you the quilt they don't want to see it again until its been quilted.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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