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? about bobbins

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Hi Char,

When we first started we always used our bobbin winder and wound all of the bobbins for the quilt ahead of time. That worked just fine. But now that Superior Threads has come out with the "Super-Bobs" in every color of Bottom Line (50 total) we have been using those a lot now too. the Super-Bobs have 115 yds of thread on each bobbin so they last a lot longer too. I don't know for sure how many yards of bottom line you can wind on a bobbin winder. Guess that would be a question for Chris at Superior. She is such a great help everytime we call.

Hope this helps...

Angie Lois

The Quilting Conneciton

21 Adams St.

Elkhorn, Wi 53121


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Thanks Angie, that is good to know. I will check it out.

When you wound the bobbins yourself, how often did you have to change the bobbin say with a large meadering design?

For someone just starting out what colors and how many bobbins would be good.

Oh, have to tell you I haven't even ordered the millie yet and I already have 3 quilts that people want me to do when I am good and ready!


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Char, Hi.

It really depends upon the quilt size. for a lap/twin quilt I usually wind about ten bobbins to start. I try to write down in a small note book the size of the quilt and how many bobbins I needed for it. this way in the future I have a rough estimate where to start.

About the colors wow this is really up to you. I stock some of the most common colors: cream, or off white, baby blue, Navy Blue, brown, silver etc. Take a look at supeior threads they have a wonderful selection of all types of threads.

Look at the quilts you have ready to quilt. What color thread would you use on them. this will help you answer your question.

Hope some of this helped.

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Hey Char,

With superior threads So Fine Thread you can plan on getting about 1 and 1/2 rows per bobbin with a large meander pattern. Bottom Line thread you will get 2 rows most of the time. This all depends on the size of the quilt too. As far as how to charge we will go over that in the 3 day classes but Lottie is right we also add a thread charge to each quilt.

Congrats on the quilts too!!


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