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Ideas Needed for a Promotion for LQS

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Joanne and Kelley,, for some reason I'm coming up totally blank on this. Usually I have some suggestion, good, bad or indifferent, but..... not this time.. only stuff like BUGS Beautiful, Understand Guy Suggested..

or Pills, pick it like lovely stuff.

just junk.. nothing good. Sorry,


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Y'all are too, too funny!!!!:P:D:D:P:D:D

I love Coleen and Satu's suggestions!

The feminine hygiene thing - though effective - I don't know... Hysterical but I've always had issues with certain types of commercials - you know the one's that make you groan as a female when they come on!

Love, love all of the suggestions. Thank you - I have some great ideas now!

Rita - I think himself and Kelley are a lot alike - nosey! (no offense to Roland, of course - just K:P)

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How about a canvas laundry bag?

The men in my house won't touch laundry

Put something on it like the attached picture.

The bold words advertise one meassage

but the backgroud(which most would never realize the message) Has your real advertising.

See if you can figure out the hidden words!!;)


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