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curves and circles?


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I'm trying to teach a new Millenium with SR how to sew and having some trouble with curves and circle-type shapes...I can't get a "SMOOTH' curve...it's "jumpy". I don't know how to explain it. It seems a little better if I go a bit faster, but I'm not good enough to go very fast. Does anyone have this side-effect to teaching the machine how to follow directions?

Or do I have some wheels or something that need adjustment....if there's an adjustment to be made...heaven help us, because I'd never figure it out!

I think one of the problems might be age..(mine...not the machines) a bit of "half-zeimers"..can't remember from one day to the next what I did that seemed to work okay...Really, I think I'm too old to be learning this machine and am about ready to abort the mission. Thanks for any suggestions. ML.:(

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Hi ML,

In your manual there is a wheel adjustment page under head and carriage wheel adjustments... They can really be hard to control if it isn't set right....

Give me a call or e-mail me if you can't get it!!!

Don't abort the mission, as the most fun is yet to come.... Also, don't be to hard on yourself.... sometimes the simplest adjustments can make a huge adjustment!

Good Luck and keep me posted!!!!

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hi, I have the same probs sometime. And as I count myself as an approaching senior ;) I have my dull moments to.

Most of the time when I think I get "sqared" circles I was trying to hard and I did the movements with my arms. It works better, when the whole body at least the upper part supports the movement.

About the wheels: Sometimes I think they are fine. Thats when I start pp on the weekend with no work before. Sometimes I think I have to adjust them. That is when I do pp after the days work. So, I clean a bit more and go on....

But I do look forward to Marks lessons in Krefeld in January.

What I also noticed is, that curves work somehow better with out the SR AND also depending if they are left or right ones.

Sometimes it helps to change the placement of the hands.

So, be kind to yourself and have fun playing with your Millie. :)

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