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  1. Christmas Quilting

    You did a great job on both, table runner and tree skirt. Inspire by you, I think I need to make this table runner for this year's Christmas. Oh, by the way, you did a wonder job on quilting as well.
  2. Ladies, thanks for sharing your experience. Ms. Connie, yes, I have written down many questions, will include this one and will ask APQS people on Feb. 2 at the Road Show. Can't wait.
  3. Hello quilters, I have another question, when you are doing "custom" quilting, how about borders and sashings? I image that you quilt from block to block while doing that you'll roll the quilt down, but how do you do the sashing and border when you have a completely different designs for them? Can you roll the quilt back and forth? Thank you again.
  4. Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your precious experience, much appreciated. I only quilt for myself and I too, enjoy doing custom quilting. I don't have a longarm machine yet, I'm using a sitdown Baby Lock Tiara II machine to do the quilting. I'm going to meet with APQS road show crew in Feb. and I maybe bring one home. Thanks again.
  5. Do you Stitch in the Ditch on longarm machine to stabilize quilt and how? Otherwise, do you stabilize your quilt at all? Do you custom quilt your own quilt or all over design? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
  6. This quilt is absolutely stunning, both piecing and quilting! I know how much work is putting into it because I am working on this pattern and just got the center portion done so far, it will take me a long while to finish piecing it. What a beautiful quilt! Thank you for sharing.
  7. Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Thank you for all of your responses, I took a longarm quilting lesson a year ago on a Baby Lock machine and got me thinking of a sitdown machine; after using a sitdown machine for 1 year I started to seriously thinking about owning a longarm machine. The main reason is, like some of you, just not enjoying basting process, especially a big quilt meanwhile move quilt while quilting is a physical demanding job. I have a few bed size or bigger quilt tops been done for years, finally sent 2 of them to a local quilt shop to get the job done so I can use them. We don't have any APQS dealer nearby; the quilt shops don't use APQS machines so I am excited about going to APQS road show to try it out in early Feb. Thanks again for all of your input and information, really appreciated.
  8. Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Thank you, Sharon, I am so excited because I've registered to go to a APQS Road Show in Atlanta area in early Feb. 2018, I might just get one there. Wish me luck Christine
  9. Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Thank you, Sue, it sounds encouraging...
  10. Hello, I have been making quilts about 5 years or less, I enjoying quilting my own quilts. I have a Baby Lock Tiara II sit down quilting machine for 1 year, before that I quilt on my home machine. Now I'm thinking maybe own a longarm machine but do I really need it since I don't own a quilting business? Is it worth to invest one? I'm interested in APQS Lenny or Lucey model. Do you use your longarm machine for business or personal use? Thank you in advance for sharing your stories. Christine