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  1. Thank you for your quick responses! Happy Quilting!
  2. Hi there fellow APQS Quilters - I am getting ready to quilt a baby quilt with "cuddle or minky" backing. The quilt is 54x70 and the cuddle fabric is heavy without batting. 1) Did you use batting? If so, what blend?2) How did you prevent backing from stretching?3) Did you need to tighten or loosen the tension?I appreciate any insight you can provide. Thank you
  3. Available - Baby Lock Symphony Sewing/Quilting Machine for $1,999. Great for either a traditional quilter or art quilter enthusiast. Reasonable for second home, classes, or retreats as many extra items (purchased separately) will be included with this purchase. The machine & extras come from a smoke free & pet free home. This machine is 5 years young, in excellent condition and properly maintained and serviced -recently serviced on 12/20/2016 by Authorized Baby Lock Dealer. This item is Cross Posted. Serious inquiries may email doney59@me.com Thank you for looking. INCLUDE
  4. Hi Laura - Thank you for the picture of the bobbins, but what are the names of the colors that you use the majority of the time?
  5. I was always curious too. Thank you for sharing
  6. Congratulations Valerie! Olivia is so beautiful and precious!
  7. Great designs in the negative space. Awesome quilting.
  8. It's a beautiful quilt and I love your quilt design choices. Great quilting!
  9. It is a Glorious quilt deserving it's ribbon! Congratulations!
  10. Wow - I had no idea how intricate (tiny) quilting. Excellent work!
  11. Beth - I think Linda has excellent ideas and second her thoughts. When I see the quilt as a whole, I see the center as a medallion with doing intricate quilting in the cream that is symmetrical in each quadrant to define the medallion. The fussy cut butterflies could be echoed 1-2 times then a dense fill to make they pop and appear to be fluttering. Perhaps you might be able to cut down the extensive stitching in the triangles & HSTs by combining several of them together as a group when you do continuous curves. Please show after pictures! Linda - As a "newbie" for my own personal k
  12. The quilting certainly completed the quilt. Great collaboration in accomplishing "serene and peaceful". You will have another very satisfied customer!
  13. I agree with Lizbeth that the Millie's lowest stitch length 7-8 are very small stitches. I can't imagine how tiny the stitches get if you go above 10 so I will do what Linda recommends. Thank you.
  14. Outstanding! No wonder you won a ribbon for the quilting! Your quilting enhanced (showcased) the star. The feathers are a beautiful contrast to the straight lines. Very well executed. Congratulations!
  15. It's absolutely lovely! I wouldn't change a thing. Beautiful quilting!
  16. I agree with Valerie (nice job) with framing in the focal point (center applique-house, trees) and do your intricate quilting there as that is where you eye is drawn to. The rest should be basic quilting like continuous curves and lines...maybe echo inside the pinwheels and chevron frame. Whatever fill you use in the white should be continued throughout all the white. I would do continuous curves in the hexie border to look like flowers. Valerie - what application are you using to insert a picture and then draw on it to audition your quilting. Are you using a tablet, or laptop, etc. and
  17. Hexies are one of my Favs and I love how you quilted them!
  18. Your quilting showcases the applique. Great Job!
  19. Congratulations on a very lovely whole cloth quilt!
  20. I'm doing the Happy Dance with you. I love the different play in the triangles- makes the top pop!
  21. Thank you for sharing your insight and although intuition is not innate for all, you are teaching us how to interpret the need. Excellent quilting!
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