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  1. A beautiful treasure for your aunt to cherish the memories...stunning quilting.
  2. Hi Mary - I am interested and sent a private message.
  3. Hi there, I am interested in your boards and sent a private message. Shari Thompson
  4. The Egyptian Eye pattern is so versatile. I love your embellishment with the Candy Ribbon. Thank you for sharing.
  5. I love this CL, it is so versatile. Love what Vickie is doing with it!
  6. I love how the roses pop...like they are ready to be picked! Great work!
  7. Thank you Dave, I wasn't aware of this site.
  8. Vickie - you are right! It was a Blast! I really loved working with the CL boards; especially Egyptian Eye, it is a great board for newbies like me...made me look like a pro! Thank you Vickie for your patience and great instructions. My husband says it is too nice to take to hunting cabin. When I came home from work tonight (he's retired), he had made our bed with it.
  9. Brillant idea to quilt all tops at once! I love how well the CL board Milky Way quilted out. Great choice. Salute to our Veterans!
  10. Hi There, I am looking for a copy of Nan Moore's book - Machine Freehand Patterns. Thank you.
  11. Happy Mother's Day my APQS Friends, I am looking to acquire Kimmy Brunner's "Machine Quilting for Beginners" video. Thank you. Shari
  12. You have made a traditional drunkards path Stunning with your creative quilting designs in each motif. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Love the idea of tatting Millie - thanks for sharing!
  14. Beautiful-stunning quilting. What is the stitch length on the sunflower border as it really compliments the entire quilting.
  15. Wanted - Hartley expanded table with bottom thread cutter, Hartley work table, and Quick Zip 12' System for my New Millie! Shari 239.565.9061 sharidanii@gmail.com
  16. Wanted - Hartley expanded base with bottom thread cutter for my new Millie!

  17. Denatured alcohol has worked for me in the past. Good luck.
  18. Wow! Your quilting truly enhanced the Log Cabin pattern. I wish I could see the back. Beautiful work!
  19. Great choice of design element for this quilt pattern. Lovely back.
  20. Hi there adasayre - I have a 2010 Tin Lizzie 18LS for $5,500 plus shipping (located in Florida). It comes with a 10' Wooden Grace Table, stitch regulator, automatic bobbin winder, reversible handles with controls, M bobbin cases, several pantographs, towa gauge, laser light, overhead lamp, ready to add computer, and have only used the machine 3-4 times. Please let me know if you need additional information.
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