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  1. Since you are only going to use it around the holidays, have you considered a Cameo cutter? It doesn't use dies, you use your computer to set up the designs. It has drawbacks. Only something less than 12 by 24 inches and only one layer at a time. It really depends on what type of shapes you plan to use. If you want to cut strips, it doesn't work well due to length restraints. I have the Go, Go Big, and Studio cutters and love each for what it does well. I cut my strips with the Studio model. Other shapes depend on what die I have. I have adapters so I can use some of my Go dies on the Studio. You might want to actually try each of the options before buying. I don't know anything about the Sizzix.


    My niece does a lot of scrapbooking and loves her Cameo. She was shocked when I said I wanted to cut fabric with mine.

  2. While making an adjustment on JJ (my Milli) I was glancing through my repair manual. There was a section on mag collar adjustment. It was noted that if the hook finger is not stopping in the correct position this could cause the bobbin thread to not pull up. Have you checked this out? My repair manual is from my maintenance class with Amy.

  3. I'm saying some prayers for a speedy recovery. I have had both wrists done (not at the same time) a long time ago. I still remember the "fun" I had getting my bra on and the pantyhose in place. I also remember pushing my plate over to have someone cut my meat that Thanksgiving as the surgery on my right hand had only been two days earlier. I can laugh now but at the time it was kind of frustrating.