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    anneinoz reacted to Marie0722 in Grandmother's Flower Garden   
    No, Anne, that is all the same thread. All those starts and stops were bad enough... changing threads all the time would probably have killed me I use Glide thread, and this is a light green. Probably Willow, maybe Celery, I don't remember exactly. It worked well with the background, and I thought it looked better than the usual neutral colours, and she liked it too, so we went with green.
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    anneinoz got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Finished this one a few days ago...   
    Wow! Lovely quilt - stunning piecing and beautiful quilting!  How many hours did it take you?
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    anneinoz got a reaction from Marie0722 in Grandmother's Flower Garden   
    You and the piecer have created a really beautiful quilt.  I am in awe!  Am I correct in thinking that every flower is quilting in its own color?  Did you just choose say 12 different colors and use those?  Really would like to know.    
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    anneinoz reacted to InesR in Tablerunners   
    Though I would post a picture of a tablerunner. Nothing grand, but great practice without burning a lot of time. Ribbon candy is tough.

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    anneinoz reacted to EHonour in Christmas runner   
    I've been pretty busy for the last couple of months - but not so much with quilting.  Beth and I spent a full month on a trip to Australia and NZ, then came home to family for the holidays.  But I did have a chance to quilt a Christmas runner that Beth had pieced some years ago, and we gave it to our daughter.

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    anneinoz reacted to Quilting Heidi in Just saying hi!   
    Maddie is doing really well.  She came to stay with me last weekend, it had been a while.  I couldn't believe how much she grew, now almost 5' tall!  She is just as sweet as always and is such an easy kid.  It was the first time she actually talked to me about her mother and the whole situation.  I know she loves her mom but she also knows that it wasn't her fault.  She told me that mommy "made bad choices."  She knows it wasn't daddy or I trying to keep her from her mom too.  It is amazing she is such a good kid.  Hopefully I'll see her more now.
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    anneinoz reacted to Quilting Heidi in Just saying hi!   
    Hi All,
    It has been so long since I've been on the forum.  I don't get much computer time these days.  I keep my daughter's twins who are now 16 months old!!!!  No idea where that time went.  For all my old friends that followed Landon's story, he is doing great!  It has now been 1 year since he had his open heart surgery and he is thriving.  He is such a little charmer.  He will probably still need more surgery but for now we are so thankful for how well he is doing.  Scarlett is doing wonderfully too.  They both have brought so much joy to our family.  Most days I'm crazy busy chasing them around.  We finally moved into our new home 11 months ago and my studio is set up.  I haven't gotten a ton of quilting time in but hoping in the new year I will be able to get at it again.  We just built a baby cave for the babies and they can play while I sew and quilt.  I've had it up just over a month and oh it is a little bit of heaven for them and for me!  Once the craziness that surrounds the Christmas season I'll have time to focus on my quilting again.  I hope all of you are doing well.  Just wanted to say hi.
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    anneinoz reacted to quiltmonkey in Finished this one a few days ago...   
    So... with me taking some time off during the holidays, I had a "stay-cation" and I a few days ago, I finished another beauty. It's a pattern designed by Judy Niemeyer called Paradise in Bloom. This one is pieced by one of my most favorite customers. She is amazing. She's 80 years old, she lives in Castle Rock Colorado and she sends me all of her (absolutely impeccably pieced) quilts to finish for her. It truly is my honor and joy to be part of this project. She is in the hospital right now, so I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. Love and prayers to my special friend, Sonja ....

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    anneinoz reacted to Pepsi Girl in Coming back!   
    Wow that loin is very striking!  I too love the simplicity of the straight line quilting.  
    Thanks for sharing all your quilts each one has its own charm.
    Sad to hear of your family health issues wonderful to hear life is improving!  I will be praying for health, strength and courage for the whole family!
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    anneinoz got a reaction from RoseCity Quilter in Cattails in the Meadow   
    Love the quilt and the quilting! Stunning
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    anneinoz reacted to Beachside Quilter in Fans Meet Feathers, Amish Revisited   
    My oh my, Leann! It's gorgeous!! What a transformation!
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    anneinoz reacted to Laura Farnham in Tye Dye Wholecloth,....   
    Hello From Colorado,....
    Been busy in the studio here,.. working on a custom wholecloth piece for a customer,....
    She sent me the "Tye Dye" panel and said I could do what I wanted with it,.... (Don't you love it when they say that? )  :0)
    The piece measures 45" x 45"  and I used a double batting ( Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe and Puff)
    Started by marking a general shape as well as the feather veins,.. then opened my Thread Cabinet and started pulling colors,....
    I used all Glide! Threads in this piece,... and tried my best to mactch the ever Changing colors in the fabric,....  Wow,... did it ever bring out the colors!!
    I used Magna Glide Classics in the bobbin in Light Grey,....  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I can set my Millis Tension perfectly to use all the bold colors
    for this quilt top (Reds, Royal Blues, Lime Greens, Organges etc.)  yet have no bleed through to the back when using a light color in the bobbin.    APQS machines Rock!!!
    Thanks for looking!   

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    anneinoz reacted to ffq-lar in Gypsy Wife quilted   
    This is Gypsy Wife, retitled "Gypsy Critters" by the maker. It was a BOM at the LQS and she used a lot of her own fabrics (that had all kinds of cartoon-y animals) combined with some from the packets that were given each month. There's a lot going on and it was built in segments with partial seams. There are pieced blocks of many different sizes and complexities, plus strata of vertical piecing that runs from top to bottom, interrupted by blocks but reappearing farther down. It is bright and "noisy".
    And how to quilt it? She brought me a photo of a modern quilt with huge, close-together concentric circles. I don't have a computer and while a pattern board of circles would work, all the starts and stops would have pushed it way past her budget.
    We opted for thin blending thread (gray) and she left it up to me--I liked the circle idea but not a million of them. Here's the link and a detail shot. She loved it. 

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    anneinoz reacted to ffq-lar in Latest Habitat Quilt   
    This is very impressive, Miss Dell. Faced with a pretty-enough sampler, you found perfect fabric to surround it with and the perfect design to quilt on top. Then when faced with a repair, you found a solution that not only fixed it, but enhanced it. I love how your brain works! Great job!
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    anneinoz reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Before and After   
    I take pictures of almost all of the quilts I work on before I me a way to draw designs, see secondary patterns etc.  This is a modern Chinese Lantern quilt.  I used So Fine and Glide and an 80/20 batting.  It was fun to quilt up.
    Charlotte R's Before by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr
    Charlotte R's after by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr
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    anneinoz reacted to ffq-lar in Before and After   
    Ooooo! Ahhh! That's stunning! And that, folks, is a prime example of "quilting makes the quilt"! 
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    anneinoz reacted to Zora in Finished Barbara's quilt   
    It's absolutely gorgeous. No need to have changed a thing.
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    anneinoz reacted to I dew quilting in Finished Barbara's quilt   
    I finished Barbara's quilt today.  I still have to trim it for her, but the quilting is finished.  Next one on the frame is all mine.  Barbara likes bright colorful quilts.  A few sections were planned before it went on the frame but most were figured out  as I went.  I would change a few areas if I could start over. 

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    anneinoz reacted to buslady003 in carpenter's quilt   
    Thought I would add a photo of what I have been doing.  I have the Ult 11, and this is my first quilt with the hartley fence.  Have not clipped threads, or bound yet.
    King size, glide thread and prewound bobbins.  poly batting.
    Thanks for looking.  Shirley

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    anneinoz reacted to ffq-lar in Big Modern Star quilt off the frame   
    Just picked up, this quilt was out of my comfort zone. "Do whatever you want" she said. The center fabric was so special she couldn't bring herself to cut it so this 74" square top had lots of space to fill. I traced around the print in the center---be sure to zoom in to see it well. It's swatches of woven fabric painted onto the background. They actually had a texture like white-on-white fabric where you can feel the paint. I outlined all of them with invisible thread, starts and stops in each one. Wool batting gave it some oomph. Then straight lines in the big triangles and a modern-ish filler in the background. BottomLine, So Fine, Essence invisible thread, and pre-wound BL bobbins were used.
    We turned the quilt 90 degrees after the photo was taken and decided we prefer the background to be vertical rather than horizontal. It was fun to do after I decided on designs. Flickr link and arrow right for detail pics. Thanks for looking!