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  1. Drooling and I accidentally clicked forward on your photos and those are absolutely beautiful as well. Joan
  2. Hmmm, I always learn something new here. I just am struggling with getting here often enough. Thanks for the info. Joan
  3. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations to a most well deserved win! Joan
  4. CONGRATS on 4 years cancer free! I'm almost 9 years out myself and know the excitement when I hit 5! Joan PS Happy Shopping
  5. I used to do a lot more cleaning, cooking, etc., than now. Too many arguments led to an every other week house cleaner who broke everything she touched. It was still worth it but she had to go when we bought our car. Car is paid off, now we need a truck. I digress... After more frustration and arguments I finally said if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Now my threshold for dirt and clutter is almost as high as those I live with. Joan
  6. Send me just a little piece of it when you find it. I'll hope it expands on the way. It's hard to juggle so many things isn't it? We just got back from the track and field junior olympics in Jacksonville, FL and it's only a 17 hour drive from here. Ugh! Tired and unpacking...still. Hope to have a cleaning lady someday but at least hubs helps now & it's great he's able to fix things. Thankful, Joan
  7. Hi Teresa, I have a 14' table and am happy to quilt for others but Only pantographs. Thanks, Joan
  8. Just beautiful! I hope they keep their eyes on it in the home. Joan
  9. Hi Gail, First of all, I love your subject line and I also like everyone's answers. I just took a class from Jamie Wallen, and he says that practicing motifs with paper and pen for 15 minutes is worth doing it at the machine for 3 hours. So I'm doing a lot more practice that way than I used to, even though I've been told that by this forum more than once. LOL Don't forget to show us your photos when you like. Welcome aboard! Sometimes the seas are calm and sometimes there are whitecaps but this forum will keep you from capsizing. Joan
  10. Oh, Heidi, Congrats! From what I could see on here it was very well deserved. And it's your own too, how exciting is that?!?! Joan
  11. I missed this originally, but I vote for videos. Joan
  12. That looks awesome! I'm jealous too. Joan
  13. Hi Linda, I don't see any info about the arc rulers. Am I missing something? Thanks, Joan
  14. They look great Teresa. So glad your business is picking up! Joan
  15. This has been a very interesting read. I had no idea about plastic and smell as it degrades. At any rate, I'm glad that you were able to finish one and get going on the other. There is always something to learn on this forum. LOL Joan