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  1. I ordered this right away & it came in great condition. DH asked what it was & why I got it & I said cuz Linda told me to. LOL Joan
  2. How cool is that! Congrats to you and that quilt is a beauty. Joan
  3. Let us know when the time is close so we can pray. Twilling is fun too, in addition to all the other suggestions. Joan
  4. Oh my, just saw this as well. I'll say some prayers this morning... Joan
  5. What a beautiful job you did on this! I can see why you want to quilt yours similarly. Joan
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you do something your heart desires. Joan
  7. What a beautiful job you did...the quilting is terrific! Joan
  8. You did a great job on this...fits the bill perfectly. Joan
  9. Aw, just love it...wish I had it on a cold winter's night. Joan
  10. I love how you stitched their names and made each one totally different...I can see why they love them! Joan
  11. Just lovely. What a great idea...I hope I can remember it when my girl has a baby. Joan
  12. I can't add anything to what has been said but echo all the comments. Beautiful and just perfect! Joan
  13. That is Outstanding, Out of this world gorgeous! Joan
  14. Wonderful job. just beautiful! The quilting is perfect and the back is gorgeous. Joan
  15. Very beautiful quilting job. I couldn't get the link to work before but it does now. LOL Joan