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  1. I just love your setting triangles! Great job!!! You should be very proud of this!!!
  2. DollieBee

    swirly quilt

    Love it! It looks great! Dang, and I didn't get a spiral template! Guess I'll have to! Happy stitchin'
  3. That is absolutely beautiful! I love it..... Great job!!!
  4. I have the Circle Lord and the QZ. The CL is still in the box and has been since I purchased it. No fault to CL, just read over the directions and never installed it. Got the QZ and opened the box and had it on and stitching with it in minutes. I love the flexibility of the product and I've gotten great results with it. Plus you can combine different templates to make some really interesting designs. I'm getting ready to start quilting my first quilt with it today. Otherwise I've been playing and haven't even gotten to the spiral side of things with the gears that Heidi talked about in her ema
  5. Linda, Yes, I stitched 1/4 inch xh in the middle of the feathered wreath. Too much fun!!! I am loving the precision I can get with this tool! I'll post the fall quilt when I get it done. Plan on loading it tomorrow.
  6. JoAnn, I will make sure that I stop and introduce myself! Didn't get the opportunity at MQS. I didn't make dinner that night. Had to help a friend that showed up on crutches. She needed to get stuff to her room and get settled in. I'm very excited to see the hills in the early fall! Take care.
  7. Oh, you guys are GOOD! I was thinking about the feathered wreath with the QZ, but then wasn't sure about the filler background of the wreath and moving it into the bird block or to actually SID the outline of the blocks. But then that wouldn't let me go continuous with the back ground. Thanks for the suggestions so far!! I'm liking where this is going!!!
  8. Ok, start your creative engines!! I need help with this one. Picked it up at an antique store years ago and haven't gotten to it. I just adore the birds!!! But can't figure out what the heck to do on it. I haven't worked with such huge plain blocks before so it's taxing my beginner quilting knowledge.... The blocks are roughly 10.75 inches. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  9. Welcome!!! You will so enjoy the forums that are available to you out here!!! Enjoy your Millie! I sure love mine!
  10. And here's a pic of the quilt that it is going on. I'll post again when I get it done.
  11. Well here's a pic of the quiltazoid design that I want to put on a fall colored quilt that has been sitting for a while. You guys know how you never get your own quilts done.... Have a great day of sewing!
  12. Well, today ends up being the first real day I could play with my Quiltazoid and I love, love, love it! The precision is wonderful and I'm having too much fun with it. Now I've got to go through my stack of 'my' quilts and find something that I can use it on!!! How fun. Have a great day everyone!
  13. Very, very nice job! Great use of the freehand with the stencil!
  14. This is absolutely beautiful!!!! Wonderful job!
  15. I had everything designed and thought I would get to this... But, we sold my studio building (old historical that was beginning to need major $$$ in work) and I had to do a quick move and right now I'm digging out of the towering rubbermaid boxes to make the entire upstairs floor of our home my studio. We just got Millie set back up this week, she has been over at the APQS SPA, and Christy (not sure of the spelling) did a WONDERFUL job on her. She had a few issues and she really is running like a Champion now. I'm so very pleased! So I had to step down from this challenge. Still think I'll f
  16. JoAnn, Just got home from your wonderful part of the country. We were at Palmer Gulch for 11 days. Loved our time in the hills again and are heading back for the Hill City Quilt Show. Can't wait. We haven't seen the hills at that time of year yet. Luckily my Millie was having a Spa treatment at APQS when we were gone. Just got her back on the rails today and she is running like a Champ! Have a lovely day!
  17. Let's see, where do you start? I bought the QZ and a few template boards. So darned excited to get it and start creating with it. I know it will be a ton of fun and it will make me 'look' like a better quilter! ha! Thread Claudia's Pfeather DVD (AWESOME!) Thread Rest of Judy Allen's curved crosshatching rulers, that I didn't already have. Loved her and Ronda Beyer's class!! I could have spent the entire day in that class. Thread A couple rulers from Off the Edge Thread Oh did I mention Thread. ha! My six year old thought she'd hit the lottery when I showed her the lime greens
  18. Hope you really enjoy your time out here Raechel! Congrats on the new purchase and it's so wonderful to know that there is usually someone out here that can help you with whatever might be going on! Take care and sew the seeds of happiness!
  19. The wolf is so realistic! You did a fantastic job at thread painting, or longarm embroidering!!! I'm anxious to hear where the kit came from. They might have a line waiting for them now, after seeing your marvelous work! You should be very proud! Have a wonderful day!
  20. I would also like to join in on the fun!!! I'll have my traverse and can take 6 with me... I'll check Tomorrow night for details at the table!!! JoAnn, can't wait to meet you. Hill City is our families summer hangout! In fact we usually spend between a week or two at Palmer Gulch and have been thinking of making Hill City our retirement location!!! Safe travels all! Can't wait to get there!!!!
  21. It would be my pleasure to help you out! I have very little time for seeing the quilts at MQS, but if I get a chance...I will take a few pictures for you! Have a wonderful day!
  22. This was just lovely to view! I liked the organic feel to it and then set off by the double lined piano key boarder. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Just love the way you treated the different flowers! A nice touch!
  24. I'm sure that they will love this! What a fantastic gift, very thoughtful!!!