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  1. Update: This machine has been sold.

    I am lowering the price to $8,500 OBO. 

    I am selling my Millie for $8,500 cash. This is a 2009 machine that I got new in 2010. I thought it was a 2010 until my tech looked up the serial number and it was one of the last ones made in 2009. It includes quilt glide stitch mode, automatic quilt advance, M & M wheels, LED lighting including black light, the base expander, the open foot kit, maintenance manual, and a clear table bed that you can use for tracing. It has just been checked out by the local Millie tech and is in new condition. It has only been used to make less than ten quilts. The local Millie tech says he will do a limited warranty on it for 90 days for a local buyer. I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This will give you time to set it up and make sure it is all working correctly. 

    I am selling it because I am retiring and updating to the latest Millie.

    My email is sluboch@hotmail.com


  2. We have three cats and they all do that. I put solid surfaces over the loaded quilt and they just go under them to sit on the quilt. I also put extra batting under the surfaces hoping that would keep them out, but they still managed to lay on the quilt hammock.


    I never thought about unlocking the roller. I will have to try that.

  3. Not sure if I can attach this too, but here are a couple GREAT ideas from this forum that I saved?!

    I love the box. I showed the picture to my husband and I had him make me one this weekend just like in the picture you posted so I can keep my rolls of batting in it. The box is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide by 22 inches tall with roller wheels on the bottom. It will hold the batting rolls that I have with room to spare. It also fits under the table part of the frame. As soon as I get it painted I won't have rolls of batting standing on end in the corner of the room with my cats sleeping on them. I will put a tall chair in place of the batting. It probably won't take them long to discover the box though.


    I also had him strap my power strip to the bar under the middle of the table like others are showing.


    Thanks everyone for this great thread.

  4. Thanks for the ideas Linda and Bonnie. It is a good machine, but I like piecing on my Viking Designer machine because of the auto foot lift. I have a hard time sewing on a machine when I have to lift the foot up and down myself because I am so used to not having to do that.

    Also my husband keeps bugging me to sell it. I guess it's time to go back to my guild. I have not been there for a while since my square dance club has a beginners class on the same night and as the presidents of the club my husband and I need to be there. So maybe my husband will have to go one night a month by himself. LOL

  5. Yeah! It worked. Thanks Oma.

    I will have to try a signature next.

    I have been lurking for several years with a post once in a great while. I have a Milli that is 2 now. I quilt for a hobby and not for a business. I have learned a lot by reading posts on this forum. It is wonderful how supportive and helpful everyone is.

    This is a picture of my husband Art and I sitting on a cannon in one of the tunnels in Gibraltar on a vacation 3 years ago.

  6. I also watched. I watch House Hunters International all the time to see how people live in other countries. My husband and I also thought they would pick house number 2. My comute is 57 miles one way so a 35 minute drive didn't seem like much to me. But the one they picked does have four bedrooms. Plenty of room for you to go visit.

    We took a vacation in Portugal a couple of years ago and loved it. I am sure they will enjoy themselves.

  7. I have a Viking Designer and a Viking Designer SE. The difference between the two is that one of them uses floppies and the other uses a USB stick to transfer the designs with. Usually at Christmas time I have both of them going at the same time to embroider Christmas gifts such as lace ornaments.

    I love the sensor foot on the Designers. When I needed to use a really old Singer machine I put the fabric in and pressed on the foot peddle and I could not figure out why it wasn't stitching correctly. It took me a few minutes to realize I had to put the foot peddle down.

    I would love to have the Designer Diamond. But that is a lot of money. I would have to sell both of my current machines to afford it. I travel a lot by car to the Colorado River and the Diamond Designer is a really big machine to travel with. It would not fit in my current hard case suitcases that I use for my current machines.

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