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    Deb Hamer got a reaction from Carlaroad in 2011 Tinlizzie Ansley for sale   
    Great beginner machine used very little. I am asking $6,000 or best offer.
    Has a 12 foot phoenix table-  could be set up 6ft or 12 ft
    stitch regulated
    up/down needle position
    laser  light
    dual control positions
    ruler table
    extra bobbins
    extra bobbin case
    26" x 8" throat space
    23" actual quilting area
    Need to sell! Have a new Freedom ordered.
    located in southern Minnesota
    buyer is responsible for shipping

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    Deb Hamer got a reaction from imjustme822 in For Sale 2011 Tinlizzie 26" AnsleyDLS with 12 ft. phoenix table $7,500   
    Great starter machine! I want to start a business and would like to upgrade. I live in southern Minnesota.
    Buyer would be responsible for shipping.