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  1. Hei, Quiltet et teppe med gamle minner for en kunde. Syntes det var et veldig koselig oppdrag. Her var biter fra mors gamle kjøkkenduk fra 1940, svigermors gamle nattkjole og foreningsduk, samt kundens første hardangersøm fra 1960.. Et ordentlig koselig minneteppe;) Merete: Kan du sende meg en oppskrift på hvordan å legge med bilde så kan dere se det også
  2. Hi! Yes, I would love to do both the Colorado mountains and Toronto area;) First we have to finish our house and my new Quiltstudio. We are extending the house with a top floor. Today it is raining a lot outside, but only a littlebit inside:P Take care!
  3. Claudia! Is the "tiles" quilt behind you the batik one you talked about? Anyway I loved this one too!: Hugs from Janne Still home with cold!
  4. Diana. I live on the island called Sotra / Øygarden 40 min drive west of Bergen city. Besides quilting and being a rep for APQS I am working as a financial controller at a local Bibel school with 3 dormitories. During 15 of June until 15th of August we are a Summer "hotel". www.bildoysommerhotell.no If any of you wants to visit Bergen, give me a hint;)
  5. Chraftychick, hvem er du? Ser ut til at du skriver svensk iallefall. Hilsen nysgjerrige Janne;)
  6. Dear (p)funny Claudia:D Next year! Until then we have to use our English and icons to understand each other. I had German for two years at school years ago, but never used it after. Even my French is now very bad:( I should have gone to Alsace the coming days. Have a nice trip!:cool: BUT: I said that I had received your DVD and I felt I have had a class with the one and only Claudia at home. Those who have not ordered the DVD by now should do it! And I gave your email address. Thanks to all of you visiting the Scandinavian forum. You are great! Hugs from Janne
  7. Hei, Jeg fikk Claudias DVD i posten i dag og føler jeg har hatt undervisning av selveste Claudia i ettermiddag:D Til dere som ikke har bestilt den enda: gjør det! Claudia har gjort en kjempejobb og viser i detalj hvordan hun lager sine velkjente feathers. Du bestiller ved å sende en mail til post@quilt-und-co.de på engelsk eller tysk. Trenger du hjelp, så gi meg en lyd så videresender jeg. DVD'en får min beste anbefaling! Quiltehilsen Janne
  8. Hei igjen Merete! Tenkte du ville komme kjapt innom:P Vi er noen natteranglere begge to:D Misunner deg og Lise turen til Alsace. Snakket nettopp med Claudia og hun skal ha med 5 nye quilter. Hun skal sende meg bilder før hun drar. Kanskje jeg må be deg ta med en batikkpakke til meg;) om du har plass i kofferten da! Snakkes!
  9. Hi Claudia! I am so happy for you! Congratulations:D Put me on the list:P Hugs from Janne
  10. Hi again, First I will say Thanks to Jim who responded directly to me at once. Scandinavians; We are few, but not forgotten;) Ferret: I bought a spare part kit from APQS years ago. The kit was put together by APQS. There are fuses, different screws, thread pig tales, light bulb, bobbin cases, needles, wheels, grease, stitch regulator, circuit board. Yes, it is a cost to keep a spare part kit, but it saves time when the "accident" is there. And sometimes Time is money! Parts that are on warranty will be replaced by APQS after sending in the old one. Linzi: I will recommend you to go to the Dealer Only forum and share experiences with other reps:D
  11. Hi Jim, It's a great deal you are offering machine owners in UK. And the maintenance offer at Claudia's in Krefeld every January is superb. I hope we can do something likewise in Norway and Denmark. Please look into it with Mark ( or Tony or Amy ??) and give me a respond. Here are 14 APQS machines in Norway and Denmark sold from 2004/2005 when I started as a dealer. I guess some would like to get a professional service on their machine in not very long;) This Summer I needed a new circuit board for my Lenni. It took TWO days!! from Amy sent it till I had it in my mailbox in Norway. That is not bad!! Though I had to wait a week for APQS to produce more CE circuit boards;) Then I was just happy to have my Millie:P But I see it can be smart to also have a circuit board in the spare part box........ Regards,
  12. Hi Anne!! Welcome to the chat as a "writer". I know you and Merete are having fun these days. Enjoy the stay and have fun! Hugs from Janne
  13. Myrna, Would love to have you over here too! Take care! Hugs from Janne
  14. Dear Shana! Can't wait so see more pictures of the other quilts! Congratulations to all of you who entered! Janne
  15. Dear Claudia!! Congratulations!! WOW! You must be so proud:D Your friends love you and your style of piecing and quilting! Hugs from Janne and Oyvind
  16. Venter i spenning Merete:P Er det ditt teppe eller kommer kundens lommebok inn i bildet?
  17. Hi to all of you at MQS! I miss you all. Have a great show!! Hugs from Janne
  18. Hei Merete og Anne! Jeg ser at dere bidro til at Mark fikk en hyggelig kveld:D Hey Claudia! Thank you for the call! I can see you had a great evening;) Remember you still have some more days with classes :D Miss you all! Hugs from Janne
  19. Beautiful Sue! Are you going to France in September? Janne
  20. Hi! Thanks Shana! You are so sweet! Unfortunately this lady didn't visit me and my studio. I have had some Germans tourists in my studio this summer and a Canadian mother/sister couple. That was great! Today I had my first day back in the office after 4 weeks holiday. That was not much fun..... Hugs from Janne in Norway
  21. CONGRATULATIONS CLAUDIA!!:D You did it again, and I am sure you have to set up more than one week with open house in January! Hugs,
  22. Dear Liz2075 I couldn\'t find your last name.. You are always welcome to Bergen! The trip from Bergen to Flam called "Norway in a nutshell" is a very nice trip. See the link www.Norwayinanutshell.com The name of the town you tried to remember is Kristiansund (up north) and the one in south is Kristiansand. Janne
  23. Hi Merete! I just say Wow! I am so proud of you! We just have to push the Norwegian Quilt Association to put the quilters name on the quilts for the next show! YES! Everybody, before the last show in Norway Merete quilted several quilts for customers, but they didn\'t mention the quilters name at the show. We have a way to go here in Scandinavia! We are very happy to be a part of such a great group as the APQS family. And coming to the show abroad is just a huge xxxx injection! LOVE IT!! as little Luke says:D Hugs from Janne
  24. Hei Merete og Anne! Jeg er sikker paa at dere koser dere masse! Typisk Claudia stil ser jeg, og jeg misunner dere fellesskapet. Jeg er paa kurs og laerer aa handtere vanskelige kunder:P Lots of hugs to you all! I am sure you all have a great time! Janne
  25. Dear Claudia and Marilyn! Congratulations to both of you! As Shana I used a lot of time admiring both Greensleeves and Fifth dimension. BEAUTIFUL:D Pattern, Colors, Quilting .....WOW! Can I come with Shana and stay?? I had hoped to see you again at MQS, but hope to see you in Houston at Festival. Hugs from Janne