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    Lymegreen reacted to Cagey in Looking for used sitdown longarm machine in Beaufort, SC   
    Congratulations on your new sit-down baby.  Let us see some of your new treasures when you get her all up and running.  Have fun, your going to love the extra throat space.
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    Lymegreen reacted to Cagey in HQ sixteen & Grace Frame   
    This may help;  "The machine is in our store in Holiday Fl.  You can test machine in the store. Store phone number 727-232-6718."
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    Lymegreen reacted to fbaldwin in Looking for used sitdown longarm machine in Beaufort, SC   
    I saw this and thought you might be interested in this. I do not know if it is still available but you could check with her and see.  If I could afford it right now  I would have it myself.  It is beautiful.this was from  Good luck on the hunt.
    Machine: Bernina Q20 sit down machine
    Location: Fort Worth, TX
    Price: $8,200
    This very gently and seldom used, low-stitch count machine. The Q20 is Bernina’s sit-down version of a longarm machine. It has a large throat space of 20 inches. The Q20 is perfect for small spaces, with a table footprint of 36 inches deep and 45 inches wide. You have the choice of using one or two of the 16 inch table leaves to increase the table width to 77 inches making it easy to handle big quilts. There are two stitch length regulated modes, a manual mode, as well as a very useful adjustable basting stitch mode. For photos Click Here The large M size bobbins equals fewer bobbin changes. There is a handy magnetized table shelf for things like scissors and pins and plenty of built in under the table top storage. A special foot for ruler work (#96), the Martelli 12 inch hoop, as well as extra bobbins will be included. For more information visit the Bernina website by Clicking Here I am the original and only owner. Purchaser is responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs.
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    Lymegreen reacted to B Lee in Looking for used sitdown longarm machine in Beaufort, SC   
    I have Babylock Tiara 16 inch sit down quilting machine,table with extension, bobbin winder, only used on 2 quilts, stitch count is 306816. Please contact me if interested, leesinms@