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  1. George for sale with Tracy table

    do you happen to have the portable table that originally came with the george? i can't find much information on the tracy table. Does george lower?
  2. Bobbin "dots" on top

    UPDATE: the night I was having so many problems I finally just gave up and went to bed. THEN, when I got back to it the next day, I pulled my bobbin out, tightened it about 5 minutes (if its a clock) and prayed really hard! THEN, it was perfect! I also slowed way down. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR ANSWERING ME IN MY DESPERATION!
  3. Bobbin "dots" on top

    I rethreaded using 2 of the 3 holes and it didn't make a difference at all. Someone in one of my facebook groups told me they would sink down into the quilt when it is off the frame. Is that possible?
  4. Bobbin "dots" on top

    now i have changed thread to a 50 wt varigated. same thing. move to the right, no dots; but every other direction, dots.
  5. Bobbin "dots" on top

    I am crazy frustrated right now.... I have black glide on top and turquoise glide on bottom. No matter what I do (loosen bobbin, tighten top, loosen top) the blue is coming to the top in little tiny dots. I have cleaned the bobbin, rethreaded the machine (millie) and still....dots! The absolute best i have gotten is no dots going to the right (but then i get dots when curving or going left, down and up). Suggestions please! Save my sanity!!!!
  6. Couching Foot for APQS?

    Is there a video of Claudia couching? I would love to learn how!
  7. Zipper Leaders

    My table is only 12....
  8. Zipper Leaders

    Sharon, I looked at the site and am wondering....what kind do i buy? the machine set and an additional quilt set?
  9. Zipper Leaders

    I have a Millie and would like to put zippers on the leaders so I can work on my own quilts between customer quilts. I can't seem to find any "good" information on which type to buy for her. suggestions??
  10. APQS is Great for Denim Quilts

    I am getting ready to start my own jean quilt and want to know what size needle you use. I have only been quilting since August, so I have only used one size needle so far. (actually, I didn't even realize there were more sizes until recently).
  11. Millennium Manual PDF

    I would be interested in a newer manual as well!