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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you all for the good advice and troubleshooting. I changed needle, thread, re-threaded, tried 2/3 holes on the one near the tension, turned the pigtails, and for a few minutes we were back in business. But I guess the old fella must have heard me on the phone trying to arrange a well-deserved spa date for him, because he started acting up again. I think I will step away and see if we can get a service scheduled soon. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience - it’s so encouraging and appreciated. Have a great weekend everyone, —JD
  2. Nigel! You just saved my Saturday [and did my marriage a favor.... ] Much appreciated for your very good advice! New tension unit is now installed, but my top thread is still way too tight and snapping threads. I’ve gone burr-hunting, replaced the 3-hole guide, unthreaded and re-threaded. Back to the drawing board... Thank you, thank you. —-JD
  3. Hi all, I have an old Utlmate XX and the tension spring was misbehaving, so I ordered a new tension unit. There’s nothing in the manual I got with the machine, so I was hoping the part would come with instructions! Can you help? Do I need to take the side off to access the interior? Does the whole tension unit unscrew from outside the side panel? Frustrated, —JD
  4. Problem solved! Thanks to generous advice from the previous owner. The handles got out of sync, I had to unthread the needle, turn the machine on, hit the back power button, walk around to the front and hit that power button and ..... voila! Thanks for the tips and advice, —Joan
  5. You are correct - dial needs to be turned up. It was turned to zero for transport, but then turned up. Tried that, still nada.
  6. Hello there. Just bought and set up a used Ultimate xx, and the button controls on the ergo handles are not talking to the machine. Any suggestions? thanks! —Joan
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