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  1. Gator, Maybe you can answer a few questions for me please. If I were to purchase this 2009 Lenni, will APQS support me if I should run into any problems with the machine as far as should it need any parts to keep it running smoothly, (are parts still available for this model) will they help me if I have any questions about the machine? Thank you. I will only be using the Lenni for my own personal use, I do not have a business. Carline
  2. HeyJude Thank you, I will go and look on the APQS site at the used machines.
  3. Thank you Plumpurple and Gator! I am going to get back to the seller and ask a lot more questions about how the machine was used and all the other points you have suggested.
  4. Hi everybody I am looking at a used Lenni to purchase on a 12 ft frame, but before I commit I would like to know if this set up is a good choice or not. It is a 2009 model. What questions should I ask the seller about this machine other than is it working properly? I live in an area with no longarm dealers or service techs. I have not tried this machine as it is not located in my state and if I decide to get it I will be going on a road trip to pick it up. I have read that APQS has great customer service by phone or email.
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