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  1. We are working on a quilt for our LQS to display in their window, and after advancing to start the third row, we’re hitting a major bug. There is a long line starting at the top of the pattern about 3/4 of the way across the row going all the way back to the beginning of the row. When we traced it, it hits that spot, goes back to the bottom of the starting line and goes back again. We have no idea whether or not it will actually stitch as it’s going? The pattern was purchased from Urban Elementz and we use the cup file type. We deleted it, reinstalled it, shut everything down, restarted, and
  2. We turned everything off and are able to bypass the firmware update. Still wondering where that button is?
  3. We purchased a new Millie 30 with QP in August. We just got prompted to update the firmware, and it gave us instructions on where to find the button, but no such place exists. There isn’t even a hole on the side of the carriage where the belt is. (Or on the other side for that matter.) I know the carriage for the Millie 30 is different than the carriage for the other machines, so if anyone with the 30” has found the button, please please please clue us in on the secret hidey-hole!!! We’ve been crawling around on the floor for far too long!!!
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