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  1. I am selling my truly amazing, hardly used 2019 , 26 “ throat space, APQS Millie. The added plus in getting the 2019 model is that APQS increased the throat space and sewing field that year, along with other upgrades. She comes with a 12 ‘ frame, Bliss Tracking System, Automatic Quilt Advance, Quilt Glide Stitch Mode, the OXO Side Clamps, bobbin winder, the ClassiQ Intelliquilter system, and all the extra designs I purchased for it. I am also including the external power supply (need to keep your machine safe!), the light bar, a scoop foot, and all my quilting threads and magnetic
  2. NOTE: This machine is SOILD. Just like it says on the title. If there is something else I am supposed to do, can someone please tell me?
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