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  1. Located in Central Florida. Asking price: $9500 OBO I am selling my beautiful, low-stitch, impeccably maintained machine at an incredibly low price! Note: The Crown Jewel 3 includes the easy to use dial-in tension dial not found in previous versions of the Crown Jewel. And the Momentum frame allows you to quilt a bigger design than in a standard frame, though you can also bypass that feature and use the tension bar as a dead bar. Purchased in November, 2015, used personally, not commercially,, this machine comes with the 10’ Momentum frame and has the ProStitcher Premium software. With a simple click you can have it free motion, or lock the gears to sew just vertically or horizontally. It has a low bobbin sensor, and a digital tension dial so it is easy to dial in the perfect tension! This has been an absolutely great machine; I am just ready to upgrade to a 26” Millie! By the way, it has just been serviced, waiting for its new owner. It also comes with front and back handles and screen, bobbin winder, and extra M bobbins. I am throwing in the ruler base, extra bobbins, the UV lights I purchased for extra lighting. the must-have Glide foot, plus the open toe foot, as well as the leaders, and the blue snap-ones which provide the tension when floating the topper and batting. I also have 3 Pantographs if you’re interested. As if that is not enough, it also comes with the 4-Year Love of Knowledge that I never registered to my name, so you can register it to yours. It gives you complete access to all of Babylock’s Sew At Home classes (videos and class notes), including classes on the Crown Jewel and the Momentum frame. We will help you disassemble, explain to you how to assemble, and show you how,to use both the machine and the software. I will continue training support even after you have taken the machine home.