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  1. Hello shellyf,

    My name is Barbara Williamson and i just found this site.

    I see you have machine quilting unlimited magazines.

    Im intrested in the january 2010 issue because  im in the article about physically challenged artist .

    I lost my copy in the camp fire in northern calif that burned my town,home and business .

     Im trying to replace some of my things and rebuild and was wondering if you have that magazine still or could get me a copy of the article from the person who bought it.

      So i can have a copy of the article for my portfolio im putting together again.

    Thank you very much.


  2. Hello, I would love to get a copy of the machine quilting unlimited issue January 2010. Im in the article about physically challanged quilt artist. I'm Barbara Williamsom. I lost my copy in the camp fire in Paradise ca. Lastvyear my home burned as did my business. Please sell me the copymif you still have it. My email is