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  1. I have Dave Hudson's Bear & Tree/ Moose & Tree (DH927) that I don't think I have ever used. Yours for $8.00 plus postage Leslie McSorley The Crafty Unicorn Quilting Harrington, Maine
  2. I have had my 2005 Freedom updated with an Intellistitch. I have a box of parts that were removed- Motor, aluminum housings, power cord, etc. Would anyone be interested in this stuff as spare parts? It can be yours for the price of shipping... A flat rate box could be your friend. :-) Leslie McSorley The Crafty Unicorn Quilting Harrington, ME
  3. Please include my blog in the list Thanks
  4. I want to get some of her books. Her background fillers are wonderful, but when we spoke, she wasn't sure how her DSM techniques would translate to the long-arm. What's your opinion?
  5. Merry Jo, Where does someone find a used Millie for $6000? I looked into this last year and found out my 2005 Freedom is only worth $3000 in trade at the factory. Even a same-age Millie was going to cost me closer to $10,000.
  6. Evernote is great! I keep everything from quilting ideas to grocery lists on it. I love having folders and tags to help organize things, and that it synchronizes across all my computers. When I have a big (involved) quilt to do I can keep ideas together and tag them with the customer's name so, for example, all of "Carmen's ideas" are easy to find. Best of all it's free.
  7. Entry info for Maine Quilts- the state guild show. It is a place to start... Hope you get some ideas.
  8. It is PPP as everyone has said, but don't be intimidated by the whole bunch of feathers. Try to just picture what the next feather should look like, nothing past that... One feather at a time, how it should curve, fill the space etc. Just make that one... then move on to the next one...
  9. Is that Superior across the aisle? Good luck looking at all that thread for 4 days and not coming home with lots of it... Like living next door to a bakery!
  10. I use Bottom Line top and bottom for quilting almost exclusively. I like the texture to show, not the thread. For piecing I use a neutral Masterpiece.
  11. Michael doesn't call the giant templates "Ka-Ching" for nothing Love the double wave on the bargello.
  12. Caroline is right. The push-button works with lots of the boards. I use it with Baptist Fans and Swirlz when the customer wants an E2E design in the center and a different border treatment. It makes stopping the design and SID to the next groove a snap.
  13. You might also consider just adding the stitch regulator that is the big difference between the Ult I and the Lucey. An Intelli-stitch is about $3500 and you keep the machine you know. That's what I am going to do with my non-SR Freedom.
  14. This machine will be off to it's new home shortly.
  15. Swirlz and Baptist Fan, but 7-treasures is moving up fast. They are so great for the designs you could never do accurately with a panto or freehand.
  16. Every time this copyright thing comes up, I always wonder about both sides. I see how a designer doesn't want their pattern reproduced and sold. Designing and writing a pattern is hard work. I can also see that if someone buys the pattern , why should the designer have any say in what happens to the finished product? The designer got the money they asked for in the pattern price. If you go to an Architect and buy a set of plans, build a house and then decide to sell the house, do you have to get permission from the Architect? Probably not. Can I copy and sell the plans? no way! But the house??? Similarly, does the author of a cook book have control of the meals produced from the recipies? Maybe if they would help with the dishes It seems that the part that is protected is (or should be) the instructions- the part that says "cut this a certain size, sew here, cut and assemble like this" We all know there are lots of ways to get a piece to look a certain way. Do you use 2 HSTs or make flying geese? regular piecing? Foundation piecing or even applique? Just my two cents worth
  17. Is your machine on the old wooden table or a newer metal one? I'm asking mostly because of shipping/transportation concerns. Thanks
  18. What colors do you need? I have an off white, brown and taupe-y color and will put it in the mail Monday if they will work for you.
  19. Anyone who is thinking about this, You should do it. I have several CL boards and can vouch for the speed and money making opportunities. My E2E pricing works out to about $20 per hour for most designs. I just finished 6 quilts (1 crib 1 lap 2 twin 2 full) for 2 customers who quilt together. I got all 6 done in 2-1/2 days and got them done quickly enough to average $30 per hour and that includes having a tension gremlin attack in one of them. Michael, my landlord says "Thank You"
  20. I did miss the squares a few times in the beginning, but I used a sharpie pen to mark the exits with a little arrow to remind me. Kind of like a sign for the off ramp. It worked great.
  21. I have a one customer who does LOTS of picture quilts and I always have to stitch in the squares. I love the way invisible thread works in the pictures. (I use YLI- Thanks again Lisa) The trick is to look for a line of high contrast and stitch on that line. In landscapes, a horizon is good, outlining an object on the contrast line also works well and adds some dimension to the photo.
  22. Angie- Your quilt looks fabulous. Very elegant. Peggy- Circle Lord is having a sale... makes the Sakura 20% more tempting.
  23. I didn't have any problem with the wool and I went through a whole roll. I think the puff would be a good substitute. They are the same loft- or at least they are made on the same machine. I use the poly all the time- Dream green (select) on the roll and white whenever the green might show (only a few times on really white-on-white quilts) Do stay away from Request- QD doesn't recommend it for long-arms.
  24. Your timing may be just a touch off. Try going diagonally back and to the left. If that makes it really bad it is the part of the timing where you check the needle deflection. It is the front-to-back bobbin case adjustment on the shaft. I had terrible problems with this once- frogged half a quilt- because I had skipped stitches and it was always in the same spot on the panto. Now I set my needle deflection a bit tighter than spec, but don't have the problem.