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  1. I am interested if the person does not take it. What are you asking for it?
  2. I bought this machine 5 months ago in order to finish a quilt that I had hand pieced and had hand quilted 3/4 of it. I wanted to complete it with that beautiful hand quilted look and this machine does that perfectly. It has only been used about 20 hours, it has an extended surface and all assessories. Original price $3,200 selling for $1,500
  3. My last project was an inner city bed quilt, hand pieced and hand quilted. It took me 30 years and one pandemic to finish. Now I am interested in purchasing a Bernina Q20 quilting machine. I have an old Bernina sewing machine and love it. I just don’t know if I will be sorry that I didn’t get the stand up. Does anyone have any experience with the Q20 and moving to the Q24, or upgrading the Q20 from sit down to standup long arm? Or does anyone have a Q20 for sale..
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