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  1. Yes it has rear handles, laser for pantos, and a 22” throat! You can add quilt path as far as I know! The rails and bars are a straight 12’, no breakdown. The table top itself comes in two pieces, 6’ each. I have everything boxed in near to original packaging - I unloaded my new Millie and put Lenni in her boxes!!
  2. I’m just south of Melbourne Florida. And it has only been used a handful of times - no tax, no freight (assuming a relatively local sale). This was the suggested price by the manufacturer for a used machine of this age and usage.
  3. Selling my 2019 APQS Lenni with Bliss track and 12' table!! Quilted approximately 6-10 quilts since purchase in September 2019. Upgrading so I'm looking to sell this beauty! Perfect working condition, routinely cleaned. Bliss, L bobbin, ruler base, bobbin winder (if you want it). Includes already-installed Red Snappers. Selling for $8500. Can accept Paypal. Pick-up preferred, limited delivery may be arranged or freight at buyers expense!! Someone pointed out that I am missing the Quilt Top Bar and there is a rope in its place! I have the top bar, it is stored behind